What is Roam Network?

At Roam, our mission is to establish a Decentralized Global WiFi Network powered by users, connecting seamlessly to 3 million+ OpenRoaming WiFi access points. We're committed to delivering enterprise-grade WiFi roaming services to all app users, ensuring uninterrupted and cost-effective access while surpassing traditional cellular limitations. Roam transforms internet access with enhanced security and an exceptional user experience, simplifying connectivity and rewarding every connection for a seamless and rewarding internet experience.

Our goals are defined by this mission and the following principles:

1. Uninterrupted Global Access: We strive to create a network that offers seamless and uninterrupted access to Web3 and the Metaverse, eliminating the reliance on conventional cellular services.

2. Data Security: Roam implements the latest blockchain and telecommunications technologies to safeguard user data. With Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) integrated into our system, Roam offers a high level of security and accessibility in global WiFi networks. Our aim is to create an ecosystem where users can enjoy using internet with the utmost confidence in the security of their personal information.

3. OpenRoaming Network: Roam is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network, allowing for seamless roaming between networks across the world. The reach of the OpenRoaming network extends globally, including not only Roam’s routers but also over 3 million+ access points provided by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). Users can enjoy automatic connections to OpenRoaming WiFi at any of the WBA’s OpenRoaming worldwide hotspots, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

4. Building a Global Community: We believe that the success of Roam greatly depends on the efforts of a global community. Our goal is to encourage individuals from all corners of the world to become a part of Roam's Network. Whether it's by deploying a Roam Miner, adding WiFi spots, referring friends, and checking in.

5. Rewards: To further incentivize user contribution and engagement within the Roam ecosystem, we offer Roam Points as a reward to our members. These Roam Points can be used to stake for Roam tokens after TGE.

By adhering to these goals, we aim to establish a Decentralized Global WiFi Network that not only revolutionizes the way people access the internet but also empowers users and hosts who share our vision for a decentralized, secure, and cost-effective WiFi experience.

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