Roam Points and How to collect Roam Points

The below instructions describe how to start collecting rewards simply for connecting to global WiFi OpenRoaming hotspots provided by Roam miners. After initial setup, the Roam app lets users connect automatically to any such hotspot and claim Roam Points seamlessly, which will be stakeable for Roam tokens.

The Roam app is available for free on Android or iOS.

There are numerous ways to earn Roam Points.

1. Add WiFi

Step 1: Connect to the WiFi spot

Step 2: Open the Home screen and tap 'Add WiFi' button

Step 3: Choose the WiFi Type that matches your network

Step 4: Fill out the required information

Step 5: Tap "Add WiFi"

Step 6: Tap Got It to claim 100 Roam Points for every newly added WiFi spot

2. Check-In

Step 1: Connect to a WiFi Spot on Roam Map

Step 2: Tap "Check-In to Earn"

Step 3: Press “ Confirm” to validate the network connection and complete Check-In

Step 4: Tap Got It to claim a sticker and 10 Roam Points for every Check-In

3. Refer friends

Step 1: Open the Roam app

Step 2: Tap Rewards at the bottom of the App

Step 3: Tap My Quests and press Invite-To-Earn

Step 4: Give your friends the Referral Code or Tap Invite Friends to earn 30 Roam Points for each successful invite

4. Participate in Roam events

At Roam, our success lies in the satisfaction and dedication of the community. We consistently organize exciting events designed to bring our community members together and provide them with opportunities to win fantastic rewards. These events are not just about fun; they're about building strong bonds and making everyone feel like a valued part of the Roam family.

To ensure you don't miss out on any of our upcoming activities, we invite you to join our communities on Discord and Telegram. By doing so, you'll be among the first to know about our latest events, receive exclusive information, and engage with like-minded enthusiasts

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