Roam and The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)

WiFi OpenRoaming is the latest technology developed by members of the wireless broadband alliance, which includes leading companies from across the telco industry. Local WiFi networks with OpenRoaming capabilities allow devices to automatically switch connections between these networks, even if they are provided by different ISPs or WiFi operators. By linking local networks with OpenRoaming, you can enjoy WiFi that stays connected without needing to deal with login screens, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted internet access.

Decentralized OpenRoaming

Connections to Roam’s OpenRoaming network are established following a fully decentralized, on-chain authentication protocol which ensures that users’ data remains self-sovereign and out of central databases.

More specifically, WiFi logins at any Roam OpenRoaming hotspot (or local network) are carried out by blockchain nodes that verify the users’ Decentralized Identity Credential (or DID) in a mining process. While users connect at a specific node, all Roam routers work together to verify their DID credentials.

As a result of the mining process, people will receive Roam Points which will be burned for $ROAM tokens after TGE.

To access Roam’s global OpenRoaming network while earning rewards, simply download the Roam app for a free DID set up. After that, users can start enjoying automatic connections at OpenRoaming hotspots.

Roam and WBA OpenRoaming

Roam is pioneering decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming via blockchain technology. By incorporating the Wireless Broadband Alliance into our system, users have access to over 3 million OpenRoaming hotspots globally. Just like connecting through Roam miners, accessing any other WBA OpenRoaming hotspot guarantees a seamless, automatic experience fortified by enterprise-grade security protocols.

OpenRoaming hotspots are present in a diverse range of locations:

• Hotels and convention centers

• Airports and other transportation hubs

• Educational institutions

• Businesses like retailers, restaurants, and cafes

• Sports and concert venues

• Office buildings

• Public places like parks, libraries, and government buildings

OpenRoaming Identity Providers

Roam and other members of the Wireless Broadband Alliance provide WiFi users with OpenRoaming credentials (such as the DID). These IDs represent users’ online identities, and allow them to access OpenRoaming services worldwide. But since only Roam provides users with DIDs to access WiFi decentrally, it is the WBA’s first Web3-native OpenRoaming identity provider. Using other credentials to access OpenRoaming WiFi does not offer the mining opportunities and other benefits mentioned above.

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