One Global OpenRoaming Network

Roam is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network that delivers automatic connections from millions of locations worldwide. To connect, users don’t have to create an account with an internet provider or give out any login or personal information. All they need is a decentralized ID (DID), which can be generated for free on the Roam app. Users can simply open the app when they come within range of a compatible router for the first time and tap through the landing page.

After this initial connection, users will automatically connect / reconnect via any in-range router, without needing to open the app again. This seamless connection process enables WiFi roaming, where connections are continuously maintained for users as they travel across local access points.

The global OpenRoaming network includes millions of access points from both the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and Roam's routers. Users can enjoy automatic access to free WiFi at 3 million+ OpenRoaming WiFi access points.

Roam and the WBA’s WiFi OpenRoaming network will be accessible at various locations such as:

  • Businesses: cafes, retailers, restaurants, hotels...

  • Public spaces: libraries, airports, train stations, government buildings ...

  • Large Venues: conference centers, sports arenas, theaters, etc.

Host locations are incentivized to integrate a Roam miner into their WiFi access points. There is no requirement for hosts to switch or terminate their existing internet subscriptions. Users at these locations will seamlessly access the OpenRoaming network, while miner owners will receive rewards generated by Roam miners as they facilitate WiFi connections.

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