Roam App Overview

To join the Roam network, users can simply download the app, create a DID, and install OpenRoaming credentials directly on their phones to begin roaming into any OpenRoaming network seamlessly. With just a few steps of setting up, users can get connected to over 3+million OpenRoaming WiFi access points worldwide, bypassing the inconvenience of lengthy login processes. By engaging in in-app activities like adding WiFi spots, Checking-In, and referring friends, users can also earn rewards (Roam Points) for contributing to the growth of the ecosystem. These mPoints can be burned for $ROAM token after the project’s token listing in 2024. With all the advantages it offers, Roam is set to become a must-have app for everyone.

1. Setting Up

a) Download the free Roam app for Android or iOS

b) Set up your account by using email address or wallet address

2. Connecting

a) Ensure that your device is within range of a Roam miner providing an active OpenRoaming WiFi connection.

b) In the app, navigate to the ‘WiFi’ tab, then tap ‘Connect to Hotspots’.

c) Tap ‘Allow’ in the popup that appears.

d) Go to your device’s WiFi settings and select the network called ‘Roam-OpenRoaming’.

e) On iPhone, tap ‘Trust’ in the popup that appears. You should now connect to ‘Roam-OpenRoaming’. All subsequent connections to WiFi at any Roam miner or WBA OpenRoaming router will be automatic.

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